Senior-Friendly Guide to Portland Living for Seniors

As move managers, we have noticed a migration of moves into Portland for retirees and seniors. The question can be asked why?

The predominant reason is moving closer to family or long-time friends. Having a good tribe of family or friends becomes more important as we all grow older. Portland, Oregon offers several neighborhoods ideal for retirees seeking a serene retirement experience.

Laurelhurst is known for its elegance, tranquility, and proximity to a park.

West Hills offers stunning views and proximity to Forest Park.

Sellwood-Moreland is recognized for its small-town charm with cafes and boutiques.

Nob Hill is an upscale neighborhood with historical architecture and gourmet restaurants.

The neighborhoods to retire to in Portland are Pearl District and South Waterfront, offering affordable and low-maintenance living options. Portland is recognized as an age-friendly community with top-notch parks and transportation systems. It offers a variety of activities for active older adults and has a welcoming and friendly neighborhood vibe.

As professionals, we are always looking for ways to enhance our client experience in our city. Giving references to places to see or areas that would be eco and senior-friendly near their loved homes is a wonderful way to ensure a successful transition. Many websites can give you great information.

If your client is looking for activities, outdoor dining, parks, and recreation here are two good sites:

The other website that had interesting information was,

I have recently become aware of some senior-living periodicals that are good, my go-to has always been Retirement Connection,

The fact that I can get their information online or in periodical hardcover makes information accessible. What a joy it is to work in the senior industry and have so many tools at our fingertips to provide added value and relationships with our clients.

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