Mobility and Alzheimer’s

Not too long ago, Journey helped a couple move out of their 50-year-old home to a retirement community. Both husband and wife were excited and ready to go.

During the process of rightsizing and sorting, we noticed some odd behavior from the wife. When entering from one opened area into their family room, the wife would refuse to go into the room from that direction. Each time one of our team members navigated her in that direction, she would just stop and then get very agitated. We all just could not figure it out.

Finally, we asked her, “What do you see on the floor that is stopping you from walking forward?” She looked at us with a startled look. “Don’t you see the hole in the floor?”

What was the challenge?

It seems that the challenge faced during the process of moving our clients was the wife’s eyes saw a hole in the floor and it scared her. A large dark paper bag had fallen to the floor. By observing and communicating with the client, the team was able to understand the issue and removed the bag, allowing the wife to continue walking through the area without any problem. Most people think of Alzheimer’s disease, in the early stages. Memory and cognitive function are affected, however, later also included are balance and stability. To counteract these effects, patients are encouraged to engage in routine walking and movement.

For resources available in the Portland area for clients, families, or individuals with Alzheimer’s struggling with mobility issues, consider the following organizations and individuals.

Alzheimer’s Association: They can provide support and assistance in finding local resources. The website mentioned is

Bill Cohen – Cohen Caregiving Support Consultants, LLC: This organization offers caregiving support in the Portland area.  Their website is

Melissa Swiontck – Passionate Healthcare Advocacy and Wellness, LLC: This individual provides healthcare advocacy, PT, and wellness services. Their website is

When it comes to dealing with mental health issues, such as Alzheimer’s, it does take a village.

Please note that the information provided is based on the given context, Journey Senior Move Managers, LLC is not affiliated with any of the mentioned organizations or individuals.
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